Don't Force A Trade

By : WeTradeHQ

There is one mistake that every beginner trader makes, which is they force trades when there is no trade to make. As a trader of OTC stocks, we crave action. Even the most seasoned traders fall victim to this common mistake. So how do we fall susceptible to this mistake?

Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all. Easy for me to say, but follow along. When there are no plays to be made, we end up lowering our standards. We start manipulating data and news to convince ourselves to make a buy to satisfy our need for action. But we MUST resist! The worst thing we can do is lower our standards when doing our due diligence or try and play on a catalyst that isn't really isn't a catalyst.

Now, yes, you may get lucky and catch a break when you deviate from strategy and force trades, but over the long haul, when you lower your standards and force the issue, YOU WILL LOSE!

While, yes it is true that you can make money on the stock market on any given day, it's important to remember that sometimes the best play is no play at all.

Trust what you've learned and the strategy you have in place and plead to you to not fall in the trap of lowering your standards because tomorrow will be a new day with new opportunities.