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Courses  Stock Options Trading For Beginners

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Great course for introducing someone to options and how they work. Helped me out as I started to learn options, and would recommend to anyone interested in getting into options. AND its free!

Stock Options Trading For Beginners


What will I learn?


This is my introduction for my mini series that I will be releasing the videos for one video per day on how I trade options. So this isn't only going to be just how I trade options, I'm gonna go over different things like, what are options, the benefits for trading options, the pros and cons, How I trade the calls and puts, and I'll actually show you a trade with a call and a put. What I look for in trading options and the best price ranges that I feel in my opinion. I'll explain all of that. So I mean if this is something you're interested in you should definitely follow this series. Please subscribe and hit that notification button so you'll get notified for these videos when I post them daily. If you do not know how to trade go to my playlist. I have another free course there in playlist one and two. In the end the content is all the same but playlist one I teach it using EMA's and playlist two I teach you using Bollinger Bands, check those out if you're wanting to learn how to trade. I look forward to talking to you guys in the transparent traders group and for those who I talked to on Twitter and if you have any questions, that will be the best place to contact me at so I appreciate you guys taking time to watch this video and I hope you enjoy this series.

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