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I'm glad I bought and finished this course. It gave me a better understanding about price action, the psychology of candle sticks and how the market will react, finding better entries and exits. Can't recommend it enough, it will truly pay itself off!
best investment ever i did. the explanation is easy to understand and will help you to become a good trader. If you want to be a good trader and you are confuse from where to start than start this course.

The Art Of Chart Reading


What will I learn?


Welcome to The Art of Chart Reading Technical Analysis Course by The Profit Room

Who We Are:

We are professional traders in which we specialize in Technical Analysis with a systematic approach to trading any markets. From Stocks, Bonds, Futures or Forex, the TA concepts remain the consistent variable in yielding high returns in the markets. 

We decided to come together and form The Profit Room due to the smoke and mirrors seen within social media/ trading Industry. 

Each and EVERYONE on the team TRADES FOR A LIVING. We have over a decade of knowledge and consistency to help others achieve financial success in the markets.

Say Hello To The Instructors

Latoya & Ernest

About This Course:

In this Course you will learn how to read a chart based on the language and the emotions of the market. We break down concepts which can be applied to bullish and bearish markets in Stocks, Forex or Futures. Most Importantly we have live results based on the very concepts you will learn. Learn how to follow smart money and improve your profits.

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Courses can be refunded within 14 days after purchase if less than 20% of the course has been completed, if 14 days have passed after course purchase or more than 20% of the course has been completed it cannot be refunded. Course can only be refunded through email contact@wetradehq.com .