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How do I join the mentorship program?
Instructions will be sent once payment is received.

Can I get a refund?
Unfortunately there is no refunds for the mentorship but you can cancel at anytime through the "My Mentor's Page" and clicking cancel.

This includes voice chat through Discord Mon-Fri 6pm-7pm MST. This chat will primarily be led by Patrick (Kicko), however, at certain times it may be necessary for another administrator of WeTradeHQ to lead this chat. Members of this group will be notified within a reasonable amount of time in the event that Patrick (Kicko) is unavailable.

The lifetime membership fee includes voice chat mentorship for as long as the member wishes or until Patrick (Kicko) is no longer able to provide a daily mentorship

Bio 🔰

Over the past two years, Patrick also known as "Kicko" has started to become one of the most notable OTC influencers for his unique style and ability to identify profitable opportunities long before the crowd rushes in.

His proven early analysis method to avoid common traps set to rob new traders combines simple considerations for chart action, dilution, share structure, filings, social media cues, and news releases. Kicko's students have praised his ability to simplify some of the harder concepts for new traders to grasp, as well as his ability to give them the tools to quickly identify a good trade during the pressure of market hours.

This Mentorship program allows you to interact directly with Patrick via voice chat and learn from one of the best.

Ask questions, get alerts, and start your profitable journey with Kicko.


If you think trading a stock is all about reading charts and interpreting studies, prepare to be blown away!!! Kicko will take you to the underworld of the OTC and train you how to draw first blood.
The veil of the OTC world is being lifted. Learning trading technique with 'seeing' rather than 'hearing'. Kicko explains it so well your 5-yr old will understand.
When Kicko talks, I listen. Every interaction is an opportunity to learn something new. He is full of knowledge, patient with beginners, and genuinely wants to share what he knows to help others become truly successful. Plus, he makes learning fun!
If you want to learn how to trade OTC's and how to avoid the many pitfalls that stand between you and profitability, Kicko is the man to learn from. Learn how to do your own due diligence and vet potential trades from a true master!
I love the way Kicko explains everything. I have a long way to go, but learned a lot in just the first hour. I am ready for this journey, many thanks to Kicko!
The Must Have Mentor for someone just starting out.! Blown away by the inside we are getting.! I'll never gonna look at a chart the same way.!
loved it! great insight for what you look for! worth every dime! Glad i did!
Two sessions in and I already feel like I have a greater understanding of what's going on and what to look for here in the OTC. Day after my first session ended a 2 week long losing streak. Kicko effectively kicked me out of my funk. Thanks Kicko!!
So glad I joined! Kicko is genuine, analytical, and extremely simplistic. He has a structured plan and full of metaphors and analogies that will keep you entertained all while learning. Definitely worth it!
Put on your tinfoil hat and join a journey of exciting learning that will surpass all expectations. Also just learn with a genuine coach that knows his stuff and wants everyone to benefit. I’m taking notes. Worth every cent.
man thanks for friday night live update . loved it as always , iv'e grown as a OTC Trader from the whole wetradehq. but loved the insight and answering questions. worth the penny i put in. every one of them. stuff i never figured out , now i know. thanks
Second day into his course and the curtain is starting to lift. Love his analogy when explaining areas where we had trouble before. Looking forward to more of his mentorship.
thanks Kicko! you are the man! Great live lesson! 7.3.2018! will be there as long as you do them.well worth the time.!
I followed Kicko on discord and Twitter, but he breaks down real trades and explains everything so it's easy to understand in live sessions. He teaches you to think for yourself. Awesome stuff.
This is my first day with Kicko as my mentor and as expected, He is awesome!!! He has more than one way to explain things which makes everything very understandable and way less complicated.
First day in class, I learned more then I knew studying by myself. Excellent Mentor, Extremely Intelligent and magnificent at breaking down what he is teaching in a way that even new traders will understand and benefit within minutes of hearing him speak.
If you want to learn the OTC game, you're in the right place! I am learning like crazy and loving it. Kicko is a awesome instructor he is patient and breaks it down for you!
was a great live night! 5 days a week a must! great insight and breaking it down so most traders can get it! .love it worth every penny! you won't be disappointed at least i'm not! keep up the great work!
Insanely good! Whether you are new to OTC trading or even experienced, this course keeps you grounded in the truth of what the OTC is really all about, and how to properly navigate its many traps and pitfalls in order to consistently succeed.
In only a week after starting this mentorship, I was able to sell off my non-performing pennies and flip more profit than I had in a couple of months. Great advice and very easy to follow!
I'm so glad I joined. I love seeing his trading process and incorporating some steps that I have been skipping, into mine. Well worth the small price.
There's really too much to say for one review but paying for this mentorship should be a no brainer. I've been trading with Brad for over a year now and I'm still learning things from this mentorship! There's nothing like this anywhere else for OTCs.
Incredibly valuable information being taught here by Kicko. No BS. Simple techniques that anyone can follow, Easy to learn, and he's hilarious.. If you can't learn from this course you DON'T want to learn. Highly recommend!
Kicko has his own unique style. He is funny, He is knowledgeable about OTC and all the going ons "behind the scene". A great mentor. Insightful information.
great teacher for the OTC, worth everything i paid! learning more every night! a must if you want to learn OTC trading!
great teacher for the OTC, worth everything i paid! learning more every night! a must if you want to learn OTC trading! also he goes over finding news and ask if you see it. and where to find it! you have a say in this course! Great job KICKO! love it!
Kicko keeps breaking things down on the hot stocks of the day and makes sense of the noise in the OTC world. Not only have I made money on stocks that he teaches us to find, but saved me money from getting into bad ones.
Lots of insight from one of the best in OTC stocks. Kicko will get you to look at things from a totally different perspective.
I highly recommend Kicko's Mentorship program for everyone on any level of trading! If you're looking to be the best trader, why not learn from the best! Have fun,take notes, and Hppy Trading
I cant tell you how much this is helping me every night I learn something new
Kicko knows what he's talking about and he conveys it in a sense where I am hopeful to glean a little knowledge. I'm looking forward to more evening discussions.
Very informative session Kicko really hits home on how to go over and understand how to read filings and all the other pitfall and things to look for in picking a stock to buy and the reasons the classes are well worth the money
wow! that was a great lesson, the OTC can get crazy, but now i see what you mean. this is a must course if anyone wants to trade OTC's Thanks again!!!!!!!!
Well worth the money! Its like the underworld of what they won't tell you in public. You just view things in a totally different way after each class. Thank you for opening my eyes to the real thing!
Couldn't get any better than this! This guy has taught me so much and has improved my trading skills beyond what I expected. Glad to be here!
Every session I learn something new that helps me become a smarter more successful otc trader, and the humor included in Kicko's method for teaching makes it easy for the information to stick with me.
Kicko's mentorship is really helping me with my ability to properly identify quality stocks, and better understand the game of OTC as a whole. I'd highly recommend anyone to at least give it a try and see how it can help you.
The nightly mentorship sessions guide you away from "Hearing" About the latest and Greatest stock picks and show you how to Explore and understand why they are moving on your own. Well worth the investment in yourself to learn the steps.
It was obvious in the Discord chatroom that Kicko knew OTC's. The bigger question was whether I could interpret and understand his lesson. I'm happy to say that with every class I attend, the more confident I am becoming.
Worth every dollar... The insight he gives you, the clarity & knowledge you receive is priceless...
This mentorship has opened my eyes and taught me things I didn't even know was possible. A money well spent and I look forward to many more lessons. Thanks Kicko for being great and funny mentor! Learn the OTC world right here!!
Tons of great info into the depths of the OTC. These are crazy waters to navigate and Kicko guides through it like a pro! So informative, less than cable TV and way more entertaining! Well worth it!
I can't say enough for Kicko, he's so far the best and affordable mentor out there!! You will definitely look OTC stocks in different perspective. Don't wait until you dried up your monay.
Oye kicko u are a phenomenal teacher and mentor. learned more in 4 videos than I have in 6 months. OTC will never b the same for me my mindset has changed and I truly feel like I’m underpaying.. so if you wanna invest is a top notch than $KICKO is it.
Kicko has taught me that there is a way to invest in the OTC and actually make a profit. He has proven time and time again that his steps work. I highly recommend you sign up if you are looking to gain knowledge on how the OTC works! Thanks again man!
wow powerful tonight! funny and informational, interactive love it! always stays for a bit after recording to answer questions. keep up the great work.!!!
Hands down best money I've ever spent. Before this mentorship I would see what people are "talking" about but now I can go through a few steps I learned and be confident in my decisions. Thanks Kicko!
Here's a mentor who keeps it real. I am really starting to see trading in a totally different way. He is always there to help out. Highly recommend!!!!!!!
The new live format is perfect for cutting through the BS. Learning lots.
THE best mentoring on all things related to the OTC, hands down!! If you aren't subscribed to Kicko you're already behind!!
Come one, come all...Kicko runs the steps on how to make yourself a successful trader in the OTC market. His knowledge, experience and comedic style will keep you coming back again and again.
A 5 star mentor, i recomend to anyone that really wants to success in a trade market
If you want to be a sheep, then follow the top twitter influencers. If you want to be a wolf that finds it's own prey, then learn from Kicko. He will teach you how to find potential trades through simple processes and how to decide for yourself.
I can't say enough good things here... it's unbelievable how much a person can learn... if you're serious about learning how to trade in the otc, GET THE MENTORSHIP... stop wasting time and money... Kicko is an encyclopedia of otc knowledge…
100% recommended , It's like watching several movies! Comedy, Drama, Daycare, Chick flick, Scary . but the best info you will ever find if you want to trade the OTC! hands down the best i have found for looking up info on anything. and getting in first!
The best info on OTC trading out there. Priceless, must have . GET YOU SOME!!!!!!!
I enjoy everyday I am part of this mentorship. Before this, the OTC world was an intimidating mystery. With the breakdown of all the information each day, it becomes easier to understand. Pat is great and you wont regret being part of this group!
Made the mistake of signing up, paid a year in advance. BUT, It has paid for itself 5 times in cash, and 20 times in avoided BAGS in 1st month! Hurts me to say, that Kicko is solid, and provides unconventional wisdom that will save you from perma bags.
5/5 would recommend. If OTC insight and dry humor are your thing... Well, you should probably be hearing KSM Bro.
Kicko's has the ability to explain the OTC in a way that is entertaining, which keeps your interest, and informative, which educates you. All of which leads you to PROFITS (which is why we are here). Thank you Kicko for all your work.
My goal is to average $300 a day, and most days I do much better on Kicko's steps. Prior to that I lost $38k in the market following random picks here, there, and everywhere. Watch every video and listen! Thanks Kicko!!
Pat has a unique way of teaching that is both comprehensive and fun. I have learned so much from him and the classes and its also taught me a lot about myself. My bad habits, patience and DD are only getting better!! TY Pat your totally worth more !
I knew about reading float and some of the basics in the OTC, but not all of them. Kicko knows his stuff, and he's actually spent time talking to me and answering my questions, personally. It has been worth the 100 dollars for two months for me so far.
Review Part 2): Although if you are just going to buy the membership without taking advantage of it and putting in effort, don't bother trading. You are paying for an education, and you will get out what you put in. Take your trading education seriously.
Forgot the 5 stars on the second one, whoops.
the best thing i ever did was join this group! he's a madman! but helping me more than i know, It's a must not my opinion just the truth!.
Before KSM I was getting most of my trades from "Friends" or people on twitter. After loosing a large portion of my cash I knew I just had to find a way to find good quality tickers on my own. Kicko is the real deal! My world has flipped!
The best $50 you can spend. Have some fun while you learn. Save yourself from those bags.
Each day in KST is a class. Kicko sifts through and explains, in humorous detail, all the BS in the OTC and finds value where many cannot. I have learned so much from him. A perfect counterpoint to Brad's style. Thanks, man! I like.
Since starting Keeko's mentorship our trading has changed for the better. Do we still make mistakes? Yes, we do and we will. We've been watching Keeko every night. He has shared so much insight and knowledge during his course and he is brutally honest.
Pat is very good at breaking down the reason for a OTC or small cap stock reasons for running and explaining all the differant mindsets that go into trading OTC and the importance or understanding the filings and the group as a whole is great for learning
Pat is very good at breaking down the reason for a OTC or small cap stock reasons for running and explaining all the differant mindsets that go into trading OTC and the importance or understanding the filings and the group as a whole is great for learning
I couldn't begin to sum up all the positives of Kicko's course in a short review. I learn something every day, even many months later. The majority of people trading in the OTC have no idea what they are doing...or why. This course changes that completely.
Learn how to trade OTC's from someone who has been through it all. He explains things in such a way that anyone can understand. Learn every aspect of the OTC. Charts, money volume, mergers, splits, indicators, filings, you will learn it all!
Absolutely phenomenal, I can't say enough good about the KSM group and Kicko. If you truly want to understand how to trade in the OTC and be first on all the great runs there is absolutely no better place. It's even better than the pen15 club.
Best mentor ever!
Well Said And Awsome Teacher Keeping It Real
Hands down the best mentorship around. For 50 bucks a month it's honestly too low down here not to give it a rip. I lost thousands hearing nonsense on twitter. Let your bags go and let Kicko show you the way.
I learned quickly that the OTC will eat you alive if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always felt late to the party or that I was the party crasher, but Kicko shares his knowledge and skills to get you to the the party early. Definitely having fun now!
If your serious about learning how to trade independently I seriously recommend taking in every and all material provided by Kicko and the Team on the get-go. What you learn will go with you where ever you go forever.
Kicko is extraordinary. I have been mentored by a few different people over 3 years and I feel that Pat is special. I'm still learning the ropes but can see the potential his strategy offers. Excited to continue this mentorship and grow my account.
I have been trading for about a year in a half and I was never actually profitable until finding KSM. Trading it self is easy the hard part is fighting emotions. After finding KSM I was able to teach my self the discipline I needed in order to succeed.