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Ryan McGaw


Hi Traders!

I have been a professional trader for 7 years and traded on my own for 5 years before that - I have traded at top trading firms and have been mentored by some of the best traders on the street - I've seen what it takes to make it far in this journey we call trading.

Join me as I trade my account live every day and share all aspects of my trading process from entries to exits, sizing, risk management and watchlist formation to daily review and mental approach - learn from me and alongside me as we take on the markets as a team just like the teams I've led and been part of at top trading firms.

In my mentorship program you will gain access to:

The trading plan, process, rules and playbook I use to attack the market each day + tricks and tips I've learned from years of experience trading with 7 figure trades

Livestream of morning trading plan (9:15-9:30ET) + live trading with commentary during the open session (9:30-11ET)

Exclusive archive (members only) of videos and articles pertaining to all aspects of trading and personal development 

1 on 1 coaching and troubleshooting to review your rules, trading plan or anything you want to discuss

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