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The Art Of Chart Reading



Welcome to TheProfitRoom!

This Mentorship is for the active trader or anyone who wants an insight into the world of professional trading. 

We are opening up Our live room which includes, daytrading, swing trade alerts (sent out every Sunday) as well as options trading. We also provide a Premarket Analysis stock list based on high probability trades for the day.  The analysis provided is based on the technicals that is taught in The Art Of Chart Reading .

We provide live entries, stops and exits on high probability trade setups. The Swing Trade alerts are for anyone who can not actively day trade, we have a high percentage win rate of 85% across all services. Our mission is to show you how to navigate mid/large cap stocks without over trading.

We look for quality setups in stocks with a price range of $15-$200.

Our goal is to highlight how discipline day in and day out translates into consistent profits. 

For Additional Help, you can find us in WeTrade HQ Discord Community.

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