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Teach your successful trading strategies and change lives.

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  Change lives

Everyone wants to learn, especially with trading and investing. We want to empower you as a educator to change lives by allowing you to share your profitable success in the financial world. Our students are self-driven, extremely determined and eager to learn from our courses.

As a educator you may teach in whatever style you wish, we do not want to restrict your expertise all we ask is that you respect your students and do not discriminate.

  We understand your time is valuable

We get it, you have your own career, aspirations and life going on that's why as a educator you can setup your own schedule that works best for you. As long as you let your students know your schedule they are more than willing to oblige. We want to make this a win-win situation for boths educators and students.

  Set your price

We value all educators the most and you deserve to be rewarded for your work. As a educator you set your own price for your course or free if you want to. We support educators, who want to offer their services for free by allowing them to use WeTradeHQ for free as well. If you choose to take payments for your service, we are going to deduct a small negotiable processing fee from any sale made. The rest is all yours.

Money shouldn't be your primary goal as a educator, if it is then we probably shouldn't work together. However if you want to help a network of traders, change lives and leverage your career please apply to sell your course.