Who Am I?


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Who Am I?


WeTradeHQ members,

It is with great pleasure to be able to write as a guest blogger here! Thank you, Brad & Jake, for making it happen.

So a little about me, my name is James Mason… but you already know that from the “BY JAMES MASON” under the title… Ugh, I always make these things awkward. ?

A little about my background in both my life and in trading. As dumb as this sounds, I got started trading stocks by mistake. I started trading in 2012, I always had an interest in trading stocks, but I didn’t have a clue about them. I just wanted to make bank and have so much money that I could waste it. What better way to do that than the stock market, right? Wrong! Lol.

Overall my professional career was being a firefighter before I was trading full time. I worked for municipalities, oil & gas companies, and the government. In 2012 I was working at McMurdo station, Antarctica. Yes, the bottom of the world. Two quick facts about that place, there are not Polar bears so don’t believe that when someone yells that out, and penguins love Cheetos… but I officially wouldn’t know that because it goes against the “Antarctic Treaty” for messing with the wildlife.

One day my firefighter buddy, Brandon.  He approached me and said, “Hey Mason, do you want to learn how to trade stocks?” Of course, I told him that I was. He asked me, and I just knew in my mind that he knew what he was talking about. So, we get on our computers, he is telling me stuff and I was clicking on all sorts of websites. I was ready to make money, and It was going to be easy since I was going to read the news to know what to trade… HA!

Our plan was to start with $200 and grow those accounts. So, I funded my account. The next trading day I didn’t have a clue what to trade. I asked my buddy what he was going to trade. He said “I’m from California and I know that this startup company will boom” (The company had something to do with growing pot) In my mind I was like “Yes, this makes sense.”…. HA!

It took less than a week before I lost my money. I said to my friend “Brandon, I’m never listening to you for stock advice again.” He laughed and said “Mason, why would you listen to me? I don’t know anything about stocks. I just wanted to try and make money”. I wanted to punch him. I asked him how much he lost, he said “well I bought 100K of that stock and lost around 99K of it”. I say “What do you mean 100K, we said $200”. His reply was “It’s just fake money” …. That was the moment I realized he was an idiot, but I was the bigger one for listening to another person and not doing research on anything. It was also the day I learned that you could paper trade.

I spent the next two years paper trading for the most part. Every time I started watching a short YouTube video on a simple way to make money trading… and then I would trade real money, it never worked.  For two years I studied and watched different things in an attempt to learn. I finally came up with what worked for me which happen to be momentum trading penny stocks. 

I finally got to the point to where I wasn’t losing money paper trading anymore. So, I added money on what was left in my live account. My strategy would work, I would make money and then get the genius idea to become a Millionaire by investing my entire account into a crappy penny stock company that was supposed to be the next big thing. We all know the end to that story!

After being dumb and going against what I knew that worked for me. I finally started listening to myself again and broke even on my account. 2015 was when I started having decent gains with minimal losses. 2016 was kind of a breakout year for me and that carried over into 2017. In 2017 I grew one of my accounts to my goal without taking or adding any money to it. Even though I was in Iraq working for the government, I was trading full time over there. 2018 and back stateside, I more than doubled my account from my goal. After moving money between accounts, I decided to go PDT.

For most of this year (2018) I traded shares until a friend who I met on Twitter started converting my trades to what I would have made if I was trading Options. I already have a strategy that I know works, I just had to learn Options. So, I studied again on my own and researched Options. I used the TOS “OnDemand” feature to get the feel which was subpar at best, but I had to learn how Option premiums moved. I also just decided to keep it simple since I mostly day trade and I’m watching my trades the entire session.

Options have been the greatest thing to happen for me. In a lot of ways, it was like trading penny stocks again. It’s hard to explain, it just gives this certain feel. Though trading Options are great and can come with great profits. They also come with great losses if you’re wrong.

So that’s how I started trading and where I’m at in my trading career for a short and simplified version of the story. I have a lot of knowledge to share and a lot more of “What not to do” as well. Lol.

I hope to be of help with my ideas here. If you have any questions, please reach out!

Thank you for reading!

The 3 Pillars of WeTradeHQ


JakeOfSpades |

I wanted to talk today about why we created WeTradeHQ and discussing what we call the 3 Pillars that WeTradeHQ was founded on, so here it goes.

To be honest I found a lot of financial websites were hard to read and digest, thousands of stock prices, financials and indicators all over the place. Popups, bloated ads to add to that just wasn't what I liked.

Most investor community driven platforms were just ancient on how they worked and I knew I could do better. So I made WeTradeHQ to combat that, I wanted to make it easy to search a stock or cryptocurrency and get the data I need quickly. I also wanted to be able to talk about a specific ticker with other traders in real time so I made that work too.

Obviously WeTradeHQ has evolved to great lengths from that. We have guides, courses, mentors, tools like the WeTrade tracker and so many additional features to count plus many more new ones on the horizon.

Anyways that's my little spiel, to finish things off I wanted to talk about the 3 Pillars of WeTradeHQ which are Data Integrity, Community and Education.

Data Integrity

Getting the latest price or float of a ticker is crucial, let's face in this industry we need to get the most recent data (up to the second) to help us make a trade. We want to make sure that data is truthful, if it's off we feel lied too or left out of the proper information. WeTradeHQ will always provide the latest data to the best of our ability, in addition we will make sure it's accurate for you by using the best suppliers for our data. Shoutout to IEX as we use their services to provide real-time stock data for you for free and another shoutout to CoinCap for awesome cryptocurrency data.


No people to talk to or meet is boring, we strive to connect like minded traders with our free to use platform and forum. WeTradeHQ will ensure that you as a trader can meet thousands maybe millions of other traders to share your strategies with for free, always. For a jumpstart check out our Discord and Facebook group @WeTradeHQ.


Trading stocks, forex, crypto whatever it maybe is hard, like really hard. We want to open our doors so successful traders can teach others their strategies, we want to be that road to connects you to where you want to be. Lastly, any educational content we provide is heavily criticized and audited by myself and Brad to make sure it's of quality and honesty.

Thanks for reading, I have been wanting to get this off my chest for a while. Have a great day.

Happy Thanksgiving from WeTradeHQ


Should You Trade Weed Stocks?



One of the hottest topics is weed stocks and everyone wants to know how the cannabis industry will react. The hype behind the weed industry at an all-time high. This isn't an excuse to throw out all of your due diligence out of the window. My greatest advice as we navigate the evaluation weed stocks would be to STICK TO THE PLAN. Don't allow your emotions to cloud your judgement and cut corners with your due diligence.

It's so easy to fall into the trap of following the crowd and taking the hype and making a reactionary decision. So, here's what I want you to do, take a step back. Create a plan, look and do your own due diligence and have your fundamentals in place. Make sure you have a solid entry. Once you a identify a solid entry, before you buy into the stock, remember to have your exit in place.

Above all I want you to remember to treat these stocks like you would treat any other stocks when doing your due diligence. Look at the indicators, identify catalysts and determine your play. Although weed stocks are seemingly sexy, you must not fall victim to the reactionary tendencies many people may have that clouds judgement and may lead to heartache and pain.

If you aren't part of the community, feel free to visit and check out our community.

The Best Place to Learn How to Trade



Admittedly, I may be biased, but I truly believe that WeTradeHQ is the best place to trade. Our community is something I truly believe in. It is a community where you can learn how to trade not only over-the-counter stocks like I do, but everything under the sun. In addition to our rapidly growing community, we offer tools, courses and mentorships to provide a comprehensive resource center for all your needs as you become a better trader no matter where you trade. WeTradeHQ is going to be that central hub for you where you can communicate with folks. The community is more than ticker symbols and dollar signs; the people in our community actually care.

In addition to our community of members who offer support and feedback, WeTradeHQ offers mentorships with mentors who have had success in the markets and who can offer insight into their strategies, which will allow you to develop your own. Different mentors may have different perspectives or strategies and this will allow you to assess what resonates with you.

The community we are creating is to support each and help us all make money in this industry. We all have different styles and strategies that work for us. Our community allows like minded people to come together and learn from each other as we grow removing ego from the equation. We celebrate our wins and learn from our losses together. This isn't a zero sum game; we can all benefit from each other and have success.

Look around to learn more about the community and the learning platform.

Don't Force A Trade



There is one mistake that every beginner trader makes, which is they force trades when there is no trade to make. As a trader of OTC stocks, we crave action. Even the most seasoned traders fall victim to this common mistake. So how do we fall susceptible to this mistake?

Sometimes the best trade is no trade at all. Easy for me to say, but follow along. When there are no plays to be made, we end up lowering our standards. We start manipulating data and news to convince ourselves to make a buy to satisfy our need for action. But we MUST resist! The worst thing we can do is lower our standards when doing our due diligence or try and play on a catalyst that isn't really isn't a catalyst.

Now, yes, you may get lucky and catch a break when you deviate from strategy and force trades, but over the long haul, when you lower your standards and force the issue, YOU WILL LOSE!

While, yes it is true that you can make money on the stock market on any given day, it's important to remember that sometimes the best play is no play at all.

Trust what you've learned and the strategy you have in place and plead to you to not fall in the trap of lowering your standards because tomorrow will be a new day with new opportunities.

Welcome to the Official WeTradeHQ Blog


JakeOfSpades |

Just thought I'd give a little intro to our very first blog post! I am so excited to start this blog, we have so much content lined up to push out.

In our blog we will posting a massive variety of content ranging from current market news, tips and tricks, trading recaps, interviews and some WeTradeHQ history as well. We feel this blog will help connect with our traders so much better and want to provide as much free value as possible to help you become the best investor possible. We are aiming for 1 blog post a week, i think we should be able to manage that. See you at the market bell :)