EquityFeed Scanner Review

EquityFeed Scanner Review
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EquityFeed is the Best Scanning Tool Out there. Period.

Lets say youre a blue-collar worker who is a plumber, an HVAC tech, auto-tech, etc. The tools you use every day are your livelihood, right? I know as a previous auto-tech myself that my box was full of Snap-On flank drives, and Ingersoll cordless impacts were my livelihood, and I need them to survive. Sure, theres a premium for that up front, but they paid for themselves day in and day out. I couldnt live without them, because they made my job that much easier. So, if youre serious about getting into trading and risking your hard-earned money, wouldnt you want to have those same standards?

EquityFeed is that tool, and just like any other quality tool that makes your life easier, theres a price. However, just like those quality tools helped me when I worked on cars, EquityFeed does that for traders. With its unmatched news scanner, and limitless customization, EquityFeed give you the best chance in this crazy volatile market. Heres some ways it sets itself apart from the rest:

News Streamer: Customize how you receive news from whatever market sector, stock type, price range and so much more, so that you can narrow down exactly what youre looking for.

Alerts: Customizable trading alerts in real-time so you don't miss a thing

Scanners: Set up the state of the art scanning tools to put you in the best position to win. If you can dream it, you can build with the scanning capabilities with EquityFeed.

I run a day trading mentorship where I go live with my students and show them what stocks I'm scanning for with Equityfeed, my stock screener settings and my day trading strategies. If your interested you can join my day trading mentorship here : https://wetradehq.com/mentors/OwnTheChaos

I'm not sponsored by EquityFeed, and I wasn't paid to say this, but I just love to share things that work and are proven to help others succeed in their trading career. If by chance you want to check and see what its all about though, be sure to use my referral code: BRADSMITH and save 10% off your subscription (Full disclosure, I get 10% too but that's how these referrals work.). Check it out! You wont regret it.