Momentum Stock Screener Settings

Momentum Stock Screener Settings
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Finding hot momentum stocks as a day trader is crucial as it sets up opportunity for you to make a great profit, stocks that are trading at an above average volume have the greatest potential. Using a stock screener can help you find the right stocks to trade in seconds.

Mentor Brad AKA Own The Chaos goes over his best stock scanner settings for momentum stocks, these settings work for penny stocks and blue chip stocks.

For those of you interested in picking your own stocks, one challenge is finding the right companies to invest in and, more importantly, buying stocks at the right price. For instance, if you like dividend paying stocks, some may choose to screen for low book values or payout ratios instead of buying based on yield. One way to do this is to use an online stock screener to filter results based on valuations that work for you. Hope you find value in the above video about stock screeners.

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