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Welcome to the DonFronShow Official Mentorship!

I'm a full time trader who has a plethora of experience in the stock market. For over 3 years, I've traded full-time from home focusing my discipline on exchange-traded funds (ETF's) and foreign exchange (Forex).


I want to share my passion with the community and help YOU build a profitable trading system like I have for myself. With my mentorship, you will learn to trade ETF's, Forex and master a profitable strategy simply using price action and zones.


As part of my mentorship, I will go live daily after market close at 8pm CST. In these live streams, I will go over in-depth how the market and trades went for that day. I will also answer all questions one by one, analyzing each chart with you to ensure you build a fantastic trading system for yourself. I will also provide exclusive content for all my students!


Please join me in my journey to help everyone profit in the stockmarket. I want to change lives and help you become financially independent.

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

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Was red before Don and now quite green. AMAZING trader and teacher. Very entertaining and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone.
Was red before don. now quite green. AMAZING trader, very entertaining and knowledgeable.
Was red before don. now quite green. AMAZING trader, very entertaining and knowledgeable.
Good Trader, good system. Dedicated to those in group and good content/ streams. Worth the monthly rate!
I love Don as a person, funny and a good trader from what I can see. The mentor Class is a bit lacking for me. I know there are alot of people in the class, some alot more advanced than myself. I understand the trading theory but I am lacking in confidence and the Mentor ship does not fulfill that problem. I would see a Mentor as looking at your trades and examining what and why you do things and give you better ideas to correct, therefore making you a better trader. Alot of times when Don goes over the ticker call outs sometimes it is rushed and not clear on what and why a specific view of the trade was picked. at least for guys like me that only have about a year trading we are still pretty wet behind the ears. The homework I have completed once or twice was not graded or went over IMO and analyzing it, telling us what you were asking for, did not take place. I would like to see Don say here is what I came up with and why so we can see it and learn a better strategy. Anyrate that is what I see from my side.
I appreciate Don teaching price action! He is doing excellent job!!! This mentorship is for people who want to develop the right mindset for being consistently profitable trader, then is't up to you what kind of trader/investor you want to be. Love Don's rants that happen in every stream. Also have to mention very supportive and fun community, you'll never be bored. Sense of humor is a must!

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