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About the course

Hi there, this is the DonFronShow and welcome to my Options Trading Course.

I'm a full time trader who has a plethora of experience in the stock market. For over 5 years, I have traded full-time from home focusing my discipline on options , exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) and foreign exchange (Forex).

I want to share my passion with my community and help YOU build a profitable trading system as I have for myself. With this course Options A-Z, you will learn to trade options and master a profitable strategy simply using price action and zones.

About the mentor



Day Trader
From :  USA
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Course library

Get To Know The Greeks

Delta   (26:06)
Gamma   (13:16)
Vega   (17:47)
Theta   (16:33)

Options Contract

What are they? Calls and Puts   (17:43)
Options Vocabulary   (13:18)
Options Continued   (19:58)
Buying Calls/Puts   (17:43)
Intro To Vertical Spreads   (14:10)
Vertical Spreads   (13:15)
Vertical Spreads Continued   (09:36)
Calendar Spread   (14:29)
Calendar Spread Continued 1   (20:17)
Calendar Spread Continued 2   (13:10)
Volatility   (25:04)
Volatility Continued   (10:37)

Vertical Spreads

Vertical In/Out Spread 1   (26:19)
Vertical In/Out Spread 4   (17:56)
Vertical In/Out Spread 3   (13:44)
Vertical In/Out Spread 2   (19:19)

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What is a trading course?

A WeTradeHQ trading course enables you as a student to learn how to invest in an organized, quality enviroment. Set in a curriculum-like online library you are able to watch your course in a neat video playlist filled with educational content. Course educators may choose to add exclusive content like articles, homework and Excel sheets to aid in your learning journey.

What's the difference between a mentorship and a course?

Courses are a one-time payment and generally an extensive organized video library of educational content whereas mentorships are a recurring payment with direct access to a mentor.

What is a day trader?

A day trader simply put is someone that buys and sells a financial instrument like stocks or cryptocurrencies to capitilize on price action.

After I pay when do I get access to my course?

After you successfully pay you get immediate access to your course, it takes about 5 seconds after your payment has been processed to complete.

Are course updates free?

Yes, you get all course updates for free.

What if I want a refund?

We offer a 3-day refund policy if you've completed less than 20% of the course.

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