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This course walks you through, step by step and in simply ways, how to be a successful trader. In my opinion, the course should be more expensive for the amount of hands on help you receive and how quickly my money was made back.

What will I learn?


Welcome to Young Money Investments University.

I just want to start by saying Im so glad you have taken the time to invest in yourself by seeking to gain more knowledge about the stock market! Growing up I never could have imagined that investing and trading would become such an integral part of my life. Fast forward to now and I cant imagine my life without it! This course is strategically designed with all types of investors in mind. Whether you came here seeking more general knowledge on how to start investing in the stock market, how to long term invest, how to use trading software, how to avoid costly tax mistakes when investing or how to swing trade and grow your account quicker, this is the course for you!


My passion for the stock market came in high school after placing first in our class stock challenge. This was a difficult time for the markets as we were going through The Great Recession of 07-08. What intrigued me about the stock market was that while it had sold off, it always came back up. This principle of value investing when the markets are down was driven home by the great investor, Warren Buffet, who has made billions of dollars investing for the long run. Today, I continue to see the miracle of compound interest and know that if more people understood this concept, investing in the stock market would make COMPLETE sense!


Unlike many other courses out there on the internet, I make no claim that my strategies and style of investing will make you rich overnight. The reality is that investing is a tedious and time consuming profession for those that make millions of dollars. While making millions overnight has never been my strategy, consistent, low stress, high probability gains has always been my focus. 


This course and material within will be added to and adjusted periodically as to keep it as up to date and relevant. It is my goal that this course will not only help you understand the stock market better, but it will teach you how to properly use fundamental company data, along with technical analysis/reading chart data. 


Im excited to be apart of your investment journey and Im so glad that you have chosen me to be your mentor. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to me! This journey will no doubt change your life, so let's get started now!

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Last Modified: May 6, 2018

Courses can be refunded within 14 days after purchase if less than 20% of the course has been completed, if 14 days have passed after course purchase or more than 20% of the course has been completed it cannot be refunded. Course can only be refunded through email contact@wetradehq.com .