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Supplemental income can become primary if you choose.

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"Getting you in the game of Financial Literacy" properly while also helping you manage your finances accordingly to reach your goals...

Hi my name is Willis, as a Stock Trader/Investor focusing on NASDAQ/NYSE stocks and options coming from a Military and International Marketing background, I've been able to apply some natural yet fundamental analysis to a technical industry to find success in my journey and growth!!!

See how much I am making in the Stock Market below!

Also as a business owner who values analyzing the psychology of my clients to suit their needs, I've also found it useful as a trader! I look forward to sharing some useful tactics to help increase your current trading prowess!

We're all chasing Financial Freedom in our "Own Right", so let's build together!!! "When One Teaches, Two Learn" - Robert Heinlein

Come join me to start your success trading big board stocks and options!

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