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I am John. I live in New England, U.S.. I love technology and have spent 20 years in sales and financial services. I am no longer licensed although I was in NY as an adviser at one time, I enjoy the consulting aspect of mentoring most. I still have access to and can share with my students the education to be professionally licensed in each state (if desired). Christianity is part of my life, I love mindless action movies after a long day, books on tape (reading Life's Golden Ticket now), traveling (I do a lot of) and classic cars. I sing, enjoy family time and my passion is in dissecting charts. I have 3 kids (two are college students) and a step son.

I have traded it all, used multiple platforms, read a ton of books and have learned from some great traders but that is not what makes one profitable because all that knowledge didn't help me make money. Having a plan and sticking to it once you find the setups you trade best, having risk tolerance and patience to let it play out and keeping track of your execution is all up to the individual. I travel a lot, so the time I can devote to you must be scheduled between us and will ideally be before the start of a week. I love to teach and I would do it for free if my time were not valuable to me. 

What you cannot and should not expect from me are trading alerts. If you want to show me a chart, pick my brain and ask me what I would do then you will get exactly that but it all starts with you. I will ask tough questions that ultimately you should be asking yourself and to those you will hopefully be mentoring in the future. I am contrarian in trade, skeptical of everything and trusting of nothing. Trading is not complicated but it is not easy, not at all. Do not expect to be making tons of money right away. Trading poses serious risk to capital so I recommend paper trading until whatever it is that you want to learn becomes second nature and you no longer need me. Platforms can restrict your intent and strategy as well so be prepared to move brokerages if you outgrow the one you are with. There is no one indicator that shows all, tells all and predicts what the future holds, and even a combination of them can only get you close. When what I teach you aligns with how you think within the time frames you are able to trade and you are able to gauge the risk to reward then my work with you is almost half way complete. I look forward to working with you.

Good luck fellow traders, Godspeed.


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